Chilli N Spice Dine in Menu

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Important Notice: Please inform us if you have any allergies or food intolerance so as we can advise you what you can consume. Some of our dishes contain Nuts, Dairy Products and Fish.

Welcome to Chilli N Spice menu. We have a number of dishes that we are sure you will like as many have done so and continue to enjoy. Our approach to healthy eating demands that no artificial colours, stock or food additives are used in our dishes. Many of the spices we use are freshly ground in our kitchen to enure you get the best taste which is unique to Chilli N Spice.

Signature Starters

Butler’s Chilli Kebab £3.75

Mr Butler loves his sheek kebab with green chillies and onions. We thought everybody should try it, absolutely mouth watering.

Barsby’s Stuffed Tomato £3.75

This dish was requested by Mrs Barsby of Ibstock. Tomato stuffed with chicken tikka bhuna, which is Mrs Barsby’s favourite. Can also be served with paneer tikka.

Higson’s Platter £5.95

This dish was made for Mrs Higson who likes to have bits of different starters. Served with murghi biraan, onion bhajee, meat samosa and sheek kebabs with onions.

Tikka Baazar £4.95

Stir fried chicken with onions and capsicums created for our little friend Aaron Butler.

Garlic Tamarind Chicken £4.50

Created for Mrs Betts. This dish gives a slightly sweet and sour taste with a hint of garlic.


Chilli Spice Mix £4.50

Assortment of tandoori starters.

Tandoori chops £5.95

Lamb chops marinated in Tandoori spices and grilled in the clay oven.

Chicken or Lamb Wrap £3.95

Marinated chicken or lamb with ginger & coriander wrapped in a tortilla.

King Prawn Wrap £4.95

Marinated king prawn with ginger & coriander wrapped in a tortilla.

Prawn Wrap £3.95

Marinated prawn with ginger & coriander wrapped in a tortilla.

Paneer Tikka £3.95

Indian soft cheese spiced with tikka spices, then cooked in the clay oven.

Onion Pakora £2.95

Chopped onions and peppers with a mix of spices. Deep fried.

Stuffed Peppers £3.50

Green peppers cooked in the tandoori oven, filled with spicy minced lamb or vegetables.

Special Stuffed Peppers £3.95

Green peppers cooked in the tandoori oven, filled with chicken tikka, highly spiced.

Chicken Chat £3.95

Diced chicken cooked with chat massala, served in a puri bread.

Murghi Biraan £3.95

Strips of chicken fillet deep-fried with wheat flour, black pepper, nutmeg and paprika.

Somosa £2.95

Spicy minced lamb or vegetables, wrapped in rice flour pastry.

Prawn Cocktail £2.95

Prawn served on iceberg lettuce with a seafood sauce.

Massala Mass £4.95

Highly flavoured white fish cooked to Mrs Wain’s taste with onions and capsicums.

Pappadom £0.90

Plain or spiced.

Tandoori Clay Oven Specialities

Tandoori Chicken

Marinated Spring Chicken.

Starter £3.75 
Main £7.50

Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Tender pieces marinated in a mildly spiced sauce, cooked in a clay oven.

Chicken (Starter – £3.50 Main – £6.95)
Lamb (Starter – £4.25 Main – £8.50)

Tandoori King Prawn

King Prawn marinated in spices & cooked in the clay oven.

Starter £5.95
Main £13.95

Tandoori Mix Grill £10.95

An assortment of tandoori dishes served with Nan & salad.

Chicken or Lamb Shashlik

Pieces of chicken or lamb tikka with onions, green peppers and tomatoes, cooked in the clay oven.

Chicken (Starter – £4.75 Main – £9.50)
Lamb (Starter – £4.95 Main – £9.95)

Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb blended with coriander, cooked in the clay oven

Stater £3.25
Main £6.50

Chefs Signature Dishes


Cooked with chef’s own recipe and Sylheti chilli. Madras hot.

Chicken £7.95

Lamb £8.95

Anakarali Murgh £12.95

This dish has been specially created for Mrs Botterill. Chicken fillet stuffed with spiced mince lamb, with tamarind and Kashmiri Massala. Served with pilau rice.

Lal Chingri £13.95

King prawns cooked with chef’s special Massala spices and herbs. Slightly hot in a thick sauce. Served with Pilau Rice.

Rajoki Boru Essa £14.95

King prawns cooked to chefs mother’s secret spices in a medium flavoured sauce. Highly recommended. Served with Pilau Rice.


Medium hot curry, cooked with herbs and spices, with a touch of ginger.
Chicken £6.95
Lamb £7.95

Price’s Supreme Murghi Sag £10.95

Here it is Mrs Price your dish created by the chef. Chicken rolled in spiced spinach, cooked to chef’s own recipe.


This dish has been created with Michaels mum in mind (Mrs Clark). This dish is cooked with fresh garlic and green chillies. The strength of this dish can vary from madras to vindaloo, depending on the strength of the green chilli at the time of cooking.

Chicken £8.95

Lamb £9.95

Chefs Specialities

Bengal Chicken £7.95

Strips of chicken breast lightly spiced with onions, garlic and capsicums.

Murghi Keema £9.95

Tandoori chicken, with minced meat, cooked in a medium flavoured sauce.

Chicken Sholay £9.95

Barbecued chicken, cooked with onion, green pepper, fresh coriander and ginger sauce.

Uri Lamb £8.95

Lamb, cooked in garlic and ginger with mangetout. 

Shashlik Bhuna

Lamb or chicken marinated with onions, capsicums and tomatoes. A Highly flavoured dish in a thick sauce.

Chicken £10.95
Lamb £11.95

Meta Morchi Murgh £9.95

Sweet chilli chicken cooked with pepper, beans, carrot and mangetout with a touch of ginger, giving a sweet and slightly hot flavoured dish.

Chilli Spice Chicken £8.95

Breast pieces of chicken with exotic herbs and spices, cooked in a tasty mild sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi

Cooked with specially prepared sauce, garnished with onions and green peppers. Hot.

Chicken £7.95
Lamb £8.50

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala

Marinated chicken or lamb, grilled in a clay oven, later smoked with ground nuts, cooked in a highly flavoured sauce.

Chicken £7.95
Lamb £8.95

Mogul Style Lamb £10.95

Lamb chops flavoured with dozens of spices and herbs cooked with capsicums. A mouth watering dish. Chef’s favourite.

King Prawn Tikka Massala £14.95

King prawn marinated in a clay oven, cooked in mild spices with cream and a touch of butter to our own recipe.

Bengal Fish Bhuna £9.95

Medium dish with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and methi leaves, highly flavoured.

Garlic Chilli Spice £8.95

Tender chicken, cooked with green spices & garlic cloves, producing a medium dish.

Chilli Spice Massala £11.95

A mixture of barbecued chicken, lamb and king prawns in a special exotic mild sauce with fresh cream.

Tawa Dish £8.95

This dish captures exquisite flavours of chicken tikka, green peppers, onion and tomatoes in a medium sauce, highly recommended. Tawa dish can be served with king prawns or lamb, there will be an extra charge for this.

Popular Curry Dishes


A combination of cream, sugar and almonds. Mild.


A hot dish prepared extensively with chillies.


Tomatoes, onions and methi leaves. Highly flavoured.


Cooked with coriander and diced onions.


Cooked in a medium sauce, topped with tomatoes.


Cooked with lentils in a slightly hot, sweet and sour sauce.


Generous amounts of garlic and ginger added.


Cooked in spinach and garlic, lightly spiced.


Cooked with spices and herbs, producing a hot, yet sweet and sour dish.

Balti Dishes

These traditional dishes originated form Kashmir in Pakistan, and varying from mild to hot. Authentically prepared with natural herbs and spices.

Chicken £6.95

Lamb £7.95

Prawn £6.95

King Prawn £11.95

Vegetable £6.50

Biryani Dishes

A traditional north Indian dish, mild aromatic spices, cooked with rice and served with a vegetable curry.

Chicken £7.95

Lamb £8.95

Prawn £8.95

King Prawn £12.95

Kursi Lamb

Spring lamb marinated in a unique blend of spices, infused with a Kursi sauce, then slow roasted, this allowing all the flavours to penetrate and tenderize the lamb. Served with pilau rice and Nan accompanied by a side order of Kursi sauce. An authentic dish. Very highly recommended for any occasion. Due to the intricate flavours and slow roasting method of the dish, a minimum of 48 hours notice will be required. (Dining In Only)

English Dishes

Roast Chicken & Chips £6.95

Scampi & Chips £6.95

Omelette £5.95

Choice of Chicken or Prawn or Mushroom.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Uri Bhajee (Mangetout- cooked to chef’s own recipe) £3.50

Mushroom Bhajee £3.50

Bhindi Bhajee (Okra) £3.50

Saag Aloo (Spinach and Potato) £3.50

Bombay Potatoes £3.50

Mixed Vegetables £3.50

Saag Bhajee (Spinach) £3.50

Saag Paneer (With Indian Cheese) £3.50

Aloo Gobi (Potato and Cauliflower) £3.50

Tarka Dhall £3.50

Chana Bhajee (Chick Peas) £3.50


Garlic Fried Rice £2.95

Coconut Rice £2.95

Pilau Rice £2.95

Rice £2.75

Lemon Rice £2.95

Egg Fried Rice £2.95

Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.95

Vegetable Rice £2.95

Keema Pilau Rice £2.95

Nan £2.95

Garlic Nan £3.25

Peshwari Nan (With Honey) £3.25

Keema Nan (With Minced Meat) £3.25

Daniya Nan (With Coriander) £3.25

Chilli Nan (With Green Chillies) £3.25

Cheese & Garlic Nan £3.25

Garlic & Tomato Nan £3.25

Tikka Nan (With Chicken Tikka) £3.50

Chapati £1.25

Paratha £1.75

Chips £2.95

Raitha £0.95

Pickles/ Chutneys (Per Person) £0.60

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